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Using plastic bottled rice nearly rice, the climate continues to human hot, food, beans, etc., etc., the most likely to be insecting in the weather. Here you teach you a few saved coups. Although food, beans are all home, but in this weather, it is best to buy vacuum small packaging.

When drying coal is cleat, it's dry, you can discharge the sack of food into a short-time bag. A bag is finished in a two-week, and the other bags discharge the air as soon as possible and then clamped, and put it on the cool place. The refrigerator can also be placed, but you must put food and beans into the water-free bag.

In addition, it is another method to save food and beans with beverage bottles. To ensure that food is dry, it is inserted into the lid. If you still don't worry with confidence, you can add a few peppers, and its channel has the effect of deworming.

Nuts also want to "trouble" to grant and oxidation, if you open your nut pocket in the rainy day, it will be soft within a few hours, this is absorbing water. One day moisture is on the day, it is easy to produce yellowish mildew. Therefore, it is best to use a sealed vacuum bag or an instrument bottle.

Be careful when you are dry, and then store it in the cool place. Each time you feed, the commission is quickly guided and reduces the circulation of air. If there is a slight zero, or there is a not fresh odor, it will be done.

Autumn eggplant to fire Chinese medicine believes that eggplant is cold, sweet, has heat-saving blood, swelling and pain relief, hurricane, wide intestine, etc., so eat some eggplant can drop "fire", except Autumn dry. The autumn, just harvested eggplant is called "autumn cigaretic" with unique fragrance, delicate and tender. Therefore, the flavor is more harmonious than ordinary eggplants. Eggplants are not only the public vegetables, but also a kind of diet.

In addition to enriching the richness and trace family, there is still a bit different from other vegetables, which is rich in vitamin P. Vitamin P is flavonoid compound to help keep cardiovascular to maintain normal function. Jade, the child is very beneficial to arteriosclerosis, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease and cyclonic disease patients.

In addition, foreign research results show that the eggplant is still a "anti-cancer strong hand" in the vegetables, which contains the tumor proliferation of digestive system and has a certain effect on prevention and treatment of stomach. There are many eggplant practices. Fried cookies can cook delicious, but you need to choose Jiankang's way.

When many people make eggplants, I like to use fried or "over oil" to boast the eggplant, although delicious, but high temperature will operate serious losses in eggplants, and their health effects are greatly reduced, and high-calorie high fat intake Also disadvantageous. Heaven, in all eggplants, the most angrite is most effective R. Love to eat sweets of uterine cancer "Tumor epidemiology, biomarker and prevention" magazine published a large-scale study of Swedish found that women often eat sweet cookies, cakes or sweet bread, etc., will significantly increase the danger of sacred.

Eat three times a week, more than 3 times, can lead to a cost price of F early perspective price increased by 42%. This new research on the Swedish Carlins Ca iron school scientists.

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