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In the face of tea packaging, we will consider the nature of tea, such as such a packaging this tea will not cause any effect, and the purpose of packaging is to make consumers have a new feeling, and it is very good. Gao, very in line with consumers, if not doing this, which we have no significance of this packaging, then what are the benefits of packaging tea with plastic bottles? Tea is often drinking in the South, so the consumer group is also more, and it will drink all year round. The packaging of tea is generally packaged. So have you ever thought of using a plastic bottle to pack it, plastic Compared with ordinary plastic bags, it will be high, and it is also in line with people's vision, consumers will buy, consumers buy this tea demand is generally giving people, or when they entertain customers, there is still Drink yourself, then there is no doubt that if you pack it with plastic bottles, you will look at the gap. Moreover, the cost of the plastic bottle will be relatively low. If you want to compare with plastic bags, you will be more expensive, but you will be doubled, will you consider this area? Today's market has changed, nor you can make a lot of profits in the street, like you with a plastic bag, if you sell 30 yuan a pound, in the plastic bottle packaging tea, you Sell ​​40 yuan a pound, you guess who sells more, and the cost of the plastic bottle is a few cents, so we all know that you will choose the packaging. And the plastic bottle has an advantage, which means that you can use the tea, then this plastic bottle is still useful. For example, you can use this plastic bottle to install other things, a little consumers like this In the package, I will keep this plastic bottle when I bought mineral water, I will use the water bottle next time, then what are the scope of packaging of today's plastic bottles will be used, this time we will It will be, for example, the seasoning packaging bottle, seasoning tank, there are a lot, here is not for example, when we know that plastic bottles have these benefits, then we will think of how to find plastic bottles What about manufacturers? Let's recommend it, which is us, we are professional manufacturers of plastic bottles, professional plastic bottles for 20 years.

Guangdong Province was established in Guangzhou in 1999, in 2009, it moved to Dongguan, Guangdong. Get a well-known trademark in Guangdong Province. 16 years focus on high-quality plastic bottle production and sales, become a designated supplier of Disney, Amway, and beautiful and other world famous enterprises, and establish a strategic partnership with the Miyuan Spring, Jiangsu Jiangshan Pharmaceutical, Dongguan National Medicine Group.

Its material has PET, PE, PS, etc., can be opened, free to match the golden cover (sub-gold, sub-silver), plastic cover (swirling, anti-theft cover, tear cover, lid, fan cover, toothpick cover) Wait). Dongguan is rich in a number of national certificates and has one.

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