What is the main material of a plastic bottle?


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Article Guide: Plastic bottle is mainly material such as polyethylene or polypropylene and adding a plurality of organic solvents by a filling of the gun mold. It is molded by a certain temperature pressure. It can be formed by the formicle blank, or can be directly molded from injection molding. A machine processing is formed. Various plastic bottles and beverage tanks provide a great convenience to our lives, which is an unsearable supplies in modern economic life. However, if these plastic products will be devastated to our natural ecology, we have to learn the circular utilization of plastic bottles. First, you have to look at the sign of the bottle.

my country is currently using a triangular symbol as a plastic recycling sign. It is generally marked in the bottom of the bottle; the triangle is marked in the triangular frame to represent the plastic bottle by different materials; the PP plastic bottle labeled 5 can be repeated Use; the logo is other or no numbers not only do not reuse it, but also avoid it, release toxic substances. Beautiful fruit plastic PET plastic bottle manufacturers customized with food grade PET material processing blow molding, guarantee the environmental protection, air tightness, performance of PET plastic bottles, is very good, is the pursuit of quality and beautiful PET food cans store preferred! Beautiful fruit plastic focuses on more than 14 years of varieties, fast-run, mass production plastic blowing, 1 order, 500 varieties, 3000 2 days delivery, 10,000 3 days delivery, free proof, company business Mode, injection, blowing, printing, hot stamping one-stop service, saving 50% of the company, 30% cost, professional production of medicines, chemicals, cosmetic packaging bottles, supporting pump head, spray gun, various bottle caps, Scrub, engraving, silk screen, bronzing, plating, etc. You can call the service hotline or contact Yao Manager: + 86-15916785363. Immediately consult the beautiful fruit plastic online customer service, the company is dedicated to serve you! .

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