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Pharmaceutical packaging and drug specialty medical medicine plastic bottle inner wall and drugs must be directly contacted, in order to ensure proper drug requirements for the production bottle materials, the safety of pharmaceuticals. Medical bottles are mainly used in pharmaceutical rubber packaging materials, and pharmaceutical bottles are used as high-density polyethylene plastic products. The demand for global pharmaceutical bottles packaging is added every year, and the packaging growth rate of pharmaceutical bottles is first.

Now the production of plastic vials is also a national standard generally obeyed counseling is the standard of pharmaceutical industry - "solid pharmaceutical polyester plastic bottle", the standard application packaging non-aromatic, non-grease, non-volatile and easy oxidation Solid medicine. Plastic bottle of capsules, preparations. Medical packaging food hygiene requirements made with PET bottles, in line with the PET resin is a kind of harmless resin, it is also a simple resin that is not added, which includes the US, Europe and Japan's food hygiene law Strict mystery and people are a qualified safety drug and food packaging materials, good gas barrier, common materials, water vapor and oxygen isolation function of plastic bottles, and complete drug packaging special storage requirements.

PET excellent chemical function can be used in addition to the packaging of all items other than the strong base and a portion of the organic solvent, and the recovery rate of PET resin is more than other plastic, and the value is low calorific as a waste incineration. Sex, and harmful gases. Information Tel: 13922888294 (WeChat Summary Manager).

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