Seven recycling symbols of plastic products


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As shown in the figure below is the seven recycling signs of the plastic products developed by the American plastic industry. The role is to serve as a recycling sign, which facilitates the classification and recovery of individual sectors, and does not represent the level of food safety. The first PET (polyethylene terephthalate), No. 2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene), No. 3 PVC (PVC), No. 4 (Low Density Polyethylene), PP ( Polypropylene), No. 6 PS (Polystyrene), other class (mainly PC polycarbonate, PA nylon). Number 1: PET material, low heat resistance, mineral water bottle generally use this material, can not be reused, so national standards specifying that the bottled water cannot be used in PET materials; numbers 2, 4: high and low pressure polyethylene, which is safer, but heat resistance Low, no hot water; number 3: PVC, 100% containing plasticizer, that is, plasticizer, strongly not recommended, remember that a lot of cups are this material, it is very difficult to hear hot water Digital 5: PP, that is, polypropylene, recommended, many lunch boxes, infant bottle use this material, temperature resistant 120 ° C; Number 6: PS, polystyrene, very brittle material, easy to crack, resistance The solvent performance is also poor, high temperature is easy to decompose, benzene substances, not recommended; number 7: generally refers to PC materials, that is, polycarbonate, the international and domestic publicity is easy to precipitate bisphenol A, but this material is extremely transparent, toughness Ok, the high temperature is very good, and individuals believe that the infant bottle is not suitable, but the use of the adult's water cup and other product sections, the national standard has not been related.

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