Why is the spring cap not given a domestic market?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Spring bottle cover, this type of bottle cap in Europe, is rare in China. The author has mentioned the spring bottle cover many years ago. Objectively, the advantages of the spring bottle cover are more.

One aspect is that the spring bottle cover is very convenient, and it is very convenient to open through the design of the spring device, no effort or other auxiliary tools such as the bottle opener. This is a very humanized design for some female consumers. In another aspect, the special device design of the spring bottle cap can greatly improve the sealing of the cap, which is a very good seal product for white wine, beer, etc., beer, etc. of the sealed property.

   So, why did the spring bottle have not been recognized in the domestic market, and the market is almost not applying? The author has been thinking about where the problem is at all. In summary, it should be these reasons. First, the cost of the spring bottle is much higher than the ordinary bottle cap, which is the primary reason for the premiere of the spring bottle cover in the domestic market.

Replacing traditional use caps into a spring cap, the production line needs to be replaced, the disposable investment is millions, plus the cost of the spring bottle cover, which is a huge amount of expenditure. Secondly, the spring bottle cover is more in the beautiful appearance of some other bottle caps, and the spring bottle cover has a large part of the bark is out of the bottle. Destroy the overall beauty of the bottle.

Finally, the recovery rate of domestic caprints is very low, which is different from European high recycling bottle caps. There is no recycling support, and the high cost of manufacturers cannot be flattened.

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