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Shandong experienced disposable sterilized bottle manufacturer. MGG is the ideal of you to buy high quality disposable plastic bottles, disposable sterilized bottles, and products for your suppliers are carefully produced by our employees. About infants Children's bottle, some young mother reflects the most questions, baby's bottle should often heat disinfection, print colorful pictures on the baby bottle, especially the tick table of the bottle appearance, after a period of time, the color will fade. Diary wear, don't take a grasp feeding. The young mother is still worried, these colorful pictures will not affect the child's health.

However, doubts distinguish between "scale", but no attention to satisfaction. The city's milk bottle has two kinds of glass and plastic. The glass bottle is lubricated, simple clean, cooking and disinfection, suitable for babies who do not have milk bottles.

Plastic bottle is always easy to become yellow or opaque, not easy to check. The bottle is not washed, some will also be deformed after disinfection, but the baby who can eat milk can be compared to safety. There is a bottle of milk bottle with an active intake equipment. When the baby bits the milk in the bottle, the intake equipment is opened due to negative pressure in the bottle, and the pressure in the bottle table is different, which is good to suck the baby. Juice, saving the feeding process repeatedly pulling the tap to enter the amount of trouble from the milk hole and avoid the trouble of breastfeeding.

The bottle with bottle of hat should be used to cover the sterilized teat and bottle mouth to avoid pollution. If you don't have a cap, you can use the white Bacade, the giant beyond the diameter of the bottle so that you can cover the top of the teat and bottle. The bottle bottle should not be small, easy to make milk and clean.

Buy 240 ml of capacity large bottle, it is possible to weaned it without replacement. However, it is necessary to explain that 240 ml is not the amount of milk that the baby should eat once. It is less than 6 months, and the amount of milk should not exceed 200 ml, and the baby greater than 6 months should not exceed 220 ml. The number of bottles should be equivalent to the number of babies to feed and feeding water, so that the bottle is not delayed when it is damaged.

Some parents only bought 2, 3 bottle alternately, only after feeding, washing or use it with boiling water, it is easy to use, this cleanliness is very easy to breed BING bacteria, leading to a baby intestine Dow infection. Meet the bottle and teat, which will accumulate the bottles and teats that have been used, will set clean and disinfection. The sterilized bottle is used to use the bottle cap to prepare the next day.

Never lose money for a bottle for saving a bottle.

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