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Shandong high quality supply price. MGG quality technology, upper material, good reputation, casting quality of food plastic packaging bucket, food grade plastic bucket products. Evil in food plastic bottles, especially in summer. The smell is particularly serious, and even more people will bring flies, mosquitoes, etc. Some people usually use open ventilation, water rinsing, and hydrogenated cleaning, vinegar, brewing of wine, etc.

After experiments, the method of ventilation and water rinsing, etc. are found. But using vinegar or yellow wine, etc. is better than ventilation. Pour the whole bottle of vinegar or yellow wine into the barrel, sway, sway, put the whole bucket is full, close twenty seconds, then pour it into another bucket, so Cycle reciprocation.

After waiting for a certain time, it will naturally be removed. Food plastic bottles believe in the safe and environmentally friendly clearance of the above MGG to your production and life can bring better help. Food plastic bottle sterile packaging makes people hear very concerned and expectations, people really need to appear.

Now, with the rapid development of my country's economy, people's consumption levels have gradually improved. In the past, most of them are in order to solve the problem, and they are all basic aspects of clothing, food, living, and other basic consumption. But now, people 's living conditions are up, then, the quality of life will follow, people began to lock their attention to spiritual consumption, pay attention to the improvement of life quality, pursue the high quality, diversification, and health of life. change. With the advocacy of today's society on the "green environmental protection" theme, people pay more attention to the health and environmental protection of products.

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