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Different polymers are not completely separated, and the final product will have a lot of flaws. The recovery of the cosmetic packaging bottle is recycled with a certain system and manner to ensure that the material is sorted according to certain ways, and effective recycling. Oral fluid bottles can be used in the food industry, accounting for important roles and value in the packaging of health products, but there are some quality and performance problems in the use of oral liquid bottles, and it is necessary to solve in time to ensure full play and value.

Oral liquid bottle bottom white: plastic bottle is too cold; excessive stretching; pesticide bottles are pre-blowing too early or high. There is a wrinkle in the bottom of the bottle: the bottom temperature is too high (not good at the gate); the preparation is too low too late, the flow is too small. The entire oral liquid bottle turbid (opaque): The plastic bottle is not enough.

Oral liquid bottle is local: excessive stretching, here the veterinary drug bottle is low, or pre-blowing too early, or touched the stretch. Oral liquid bottles are mainly a plastic product for massage of health care products to ensure normal transportation and use of health products. Oral fluid bottles have an important role in the production and packaging of health care products, packaging food, its main material is resin, its nature properties: odorless, odorless, non-toxic, surfaceless, milky white waxy particles, density of about 0.920g / cm3, melting point 130 ° C ~ 145 ° C.

Oral liquid bottles can withstand good high temperatures, do not produce certain deformations and damage in high temperatures, do not produce a certain harmful gas, and harm the health of the human body. The road to the optimal design of the oral liquid bottle is really a long way, so you need unremitting efforts to every company. I believe that in the development of the oral liquid bottle will get better and better. The development of oral liquid bottles has been more than 30 years. In the past 30 years of development and change, our current oral liquid bottle has become the latest development mark in the health care industry, and there will be new oral administration The enthusiasm of liquid bottles has become a health care packaging industry.

Oral liquid bottles have experienced a lot of development history, whether in development or progress, always reflects quality properties and use characteristics in good market laws and forms.

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