Shopping malls such as battlefields, see how plastic bottle manufacturers win this traditional enterprise transformation hard battle


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Positioning Master Jack Turt often uses war to describe our daily business behavior, we know that this is to emphasize that our entrepreneurs have to compete, and create a new demand is more difficult, and compete from existing market demands. Out of your position or can, we will review the battle of Pepsi Cola and Coca-Cola in the Year of the Year. Some revelations from the plastic bottle manufacturers from it. Pepsi and Coca-Cola can be said to be the most classic business competition case. Pepsi has found the most difficult to change in Coca-Cola. Invested a lot of resources, it is very difficult to change for a moment, Pepsi seized this point, launched a bigger packaging product to attract consumers, this incident makes a lot of drinks now, the big bottle is more happy It is also there to extend, facing the market's cruel competition, our Coopeng plastic is also transforming, repositioning, focusing on the production of the most advantageous PET plastic bottle, and broaden sales channels, online line Binding, providing customers with faster and more efficient services.

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