Simple discrimination of PET bottles and PVC bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

 Now there is a lot of transparent bottles with PET bottles and PVC bottles, if the PET bottles are mixed together, they are all transparent bottle. How do we think of distinguishing! Here, several methods for identifying PET bottles and PVC bottles. First, the bottle process of the two materials is different. The PET bottle is made in two steps. It is to first injection molding, so there is a mixture of the lower end of each PET bottle, take a look at it. .

PVC is molded with blow molding without injection molding, so there is no mixture. So a bottle has a pet, no PVC.  Second, if it is a large amount of production, steam the total bottle is steam, and the PVC of the high-temperature steam will become opaque, PET is still transparent, and it is sorted and saving, and there is a steaming label. Paper will automatically delay, and beat it with your hand.

  Third, if it is a bottle, it is not good to recognize it. It can only be cooked or steam steam. The PVC that is boiled or steam steam turns is opaque, PET is still transparent, and the opaque selection of PET is pure .

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