Cosmetic bottle packaging sustainable reuse


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

 Cosmetic bottle packaging recycling has always been a problem of being sick by the market. Many families have a large number of vacant cosmetic bottles that have been used. A large amount of abandoned cosmetic bottles did not get effective recovery.

This is the waste of resources, and the idea of ​​the sustainable development of current people. The recycling of cosmetic bottles has always been an industry called for advanced projects, but cosmetics manufacturers and cosmetics bottle packaging companies have less response, which has many reasons. The author today is analyzed for some questions recovered by cosmetic bottles.

   First, the style type of the cosmetic bottle is very variety, and the material involved is also diverse, which has brought great constant to the recovery of the cosmetic bottle. For a variety of materials for cosmetic bottles, if the cosmetic bottle needs to be broken, it must be sorted, this is a huge amount of work, which will increase the cost of labor. For a variety of cosmetic bottles, if you reuse new cosmetics, you must sort to adapt to different production lines.

In other words, although the diversity of cosmetic bottles packaging has enriched the market, it has brought great troubles to recycle reuse. Second, the outer label of the cosmetics is also very variety, some of the form of silk screen, in fact, it is necessary to remove the label, which gives removal of the label has increased a lot of difficulties. Finally, cosmetics bottle recycling and reused support for production lines, existing cosmetic packaging production lines need to be improved, this is a great fees.

   The recycling of cosmetic bottles has great difficulties and details, which requires targeted solutions, but the realization of cosmetic bottles recycling and re-use will also bring great double benefits to the environment.

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