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Drug is a special product. As a packaging material (or container) of direct contact drugs, it is necessary to ensure the safety, efficacy of the drug, and ensure the quality of the drug, while meeting the convenience requirements of patient medication.    At present, plastics are one of the main packaging materials in various industries. Although plastics is applied to drug packaging, although it is not too long, it has already occupied very large market. Plastics have many advantages, including light weight, not easy to break, easy to use, have barrier effects on gases, easy to comply with different plastics, and other materials, mature molding process, etc., this determines that plastics have been more in medicine Packaging plays an important role.

    The adaptability between the pharmaceutical plastic bottle and the packaged drug is a problem that the manufacturer must solve when choosing packaging materials. Both light, heat, humidity, microbes, oxygen and mechanical impacts may adversely affect the quality of drugs. The purpose of packaging is the impact and damage to the quality of drug quality in a certain strength.     Currently, the solid oral formulation is multi-bottle (mostly plastic bottles), blister packaging, barrier packaging and other packaging forms.

For plastic bottles, there must be a certain thickness and thickness uniformity in addition to the material, and the bottle has excellent sealing. The sleeper is packaged, and the type hard sheet must have a certain thickness. If the PVC hard film does not meet the removal requirements, PET hardware or PVC / PVDC composite slum is changed.

The other layer of the blister pack is a pharmaceutical packaging aluminum foil, and the original foil used is good, generally considered that the thickness is 0.025 mm or more is a pinhole. The various composite films used in strip packaging are more seriously selected according to the characteristics of drugs. The packaging of liquid oral liquid is still mainly based on glass bottles and plastic bottles.

Oral liquid plastic bottles are typically made from PP or PET, which can provide sufficient mechanical strength to avoid mechanical damage, and provide certain gas barrier properties and barrier properties of microorganisms. Among them, there are more PET bottles, and the fragrance of the sugar oral liquid packaging in the bottle does not disappear through the bottle wall.

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