Solid plastic bottles are widely used in many industrial pharmaceutical industries


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Solid plastic bottles are widely used in many industries, in which different forms are used in our pharmaceutical industry. The pharmaceutical solid plastic bottle has sufficient stiffness and beautiful appearance to attract the user's attention, and consumers can have many options and usability in use. The most common shape of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is circular, square, elliptical, etc. From the perspective of use, each of them has their own advantages and disadvantages.

Some pharmaceutical plastic bottles are relatively thin, so the edge portion of the plastic bottle and portrait should be imagined into a rounded corner. Change the details of the shape of the plastic bottle. Increase the annular groove of the plastic bottle or increase the plastic ribs, which can advance the stiffness and bending strength of the plastic bottle.

Pharmaceutical plastic packaging, we use the pharmaceutical bottle packaging mainly focused on the safety and function of pharmaceutical packaging, focusing on the appearance of the pharmaceutical bottle, we also advocate the actual pharmaceutical bottle packaging to ignore their appearance. In fact, with the development of the medical market, we believe that the defect in the appearance of the bottle packaging bottle in the past is urgently needed. The application of pharmaceutical plastic bottles is due to different people, many places have been constantly improving.

For the child market, for example, how to avoid children's fear, a drug, etc., to avoid children's mistakes, medical plastic bottles can be improved. For the medical products of the elderly, in the appearance of the pharmaceutical bottle, increase the font as much as possible to facilitate identification. The appearance of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle requires us to enhance its understanding, improve its systemic, not only meet the functional demand, and have great improvements in the fineness.

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