How to use PET transparent plastic bottles correctly


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   PET transparent plastic bottles After opening, bacteria and fungus breed in the bottle or in a liquid environment, such as injection into the bottle, the newly injected water will be polluted. These microorganisms are generally circulated from air, human hand or mouth, or anything that contact bottle. In a warm environment, bacteria can reproduce to harmful levels over time.

However, safety treatment and proper cleaning can prevent bacteria to breed.   It is used as a chemical (e.g., chemical monomers and additives) that make bottles or water or beverages that are migrated into the bottle, regardless of the use of only one or have been used multiple times. Plastic chemical mobility is affected by multiple factors, including the characteristics, temperature and time of contact with plastic contact substances.

If plastics are used correctly, chemical mobility will only be slightly negligible, and the health of consumers will not constitute risks.   PET transparent plastic bottles contain trace of antimony. Antimony is a heavy metal used as manufacturing transparent plastic bottles.

During storage of the transparent plastic bottle, the antimony is migrated into the water. However, the past research in the food safety center shows that PET transparent plastic bottled beverages are very low (far below the Guidelines for the World Health Organization), which will not constitute a risk of health. No matter which type of plastic, chemical migration will increase with the temperature and contact time of the plastic.

Although more chemicals are migrated from transparent plastic bottles, they may not necessarily constitute a risk of health, but may change the sensory characteristics of the color of the water in the bottle, so it is not advisable to make the transparent plastic bottle to be irradiated directly from the sun.

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