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Heilongjiang company sells the specific price of disposable sterilized bottle. MGG has been striving to become a widely recognized plastic bottle, disposable sterilization bottle dealer, supplied products, factory price direct sales, welcome to consult. Boiled boiled disinfection 1. Prepare a stainless steel boiled pot with a deep water water to cover the milk. Note: It is necessary to disinfect the bottle dedicated to the mix of cooking food in the home. 2, put the nipple and the bottle cover and put the bottle into the pot, boil. Pay attention: Plastic bottle is good in boiling water, glass bottle can be put in water without boiling<BR />3, 5 to 10 minutes after boiling, put it in the pacifier, cap, etc., cover the pot cover and cook for 3 to 5 minutes.

Plastic bottle should not burn too long so the water rolls, put it immediately into the pacifier, etc. Place in a ventilated, clean local, cover gauze or lid) Vapor disinfection The current market road has many electric steam pot mothers to choose from their own needs. The disinfection method is to rule to follow the manual. It is important to pay attention to the use of steam pot to disinfect the bottle, pacifier, bottle cover and other items.

The disposable bottle is regularly replaced. It is very important that the baby has been born in the breastfeeding period. The parents will give the baby to prepare the formula to compensate nutrients accordingly. The disposable bottle becomes an indispensable thing. The bottle and pacifiers are direct contact with baby and milk powder, and it is necessary to clean the bottle clean for the baby.

Many parents don't understand the use of bottle. Disposable bottle claims that for the health of the baby, the bottle does not wait until the time of use, it will replace the baby, health is important, so the baby's bottle should change. Diligent milk bottles are not to say that they have to replace it a few days. This is a bad behavior, and the baby also needs to make new bottles.

When replacing the bottle, the disposable bottle advocates that the plastic bottle can replace it once, but it is assumed that it is damaged locally, and the demand is now replaced. The time for glass bottles can be long.

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