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Some pharmaceutical plastic bottles produce companies basically appear in the case of using plastic containers in many medical manufacturing companies in addition to the original glass washing container. In this case, it is easy to cause the consequences of the flowers, and there are a large number of plastic bottles in a short period of time, and it faces a short time in a short period of time. In the field of development of pharmaceutical plastic bottles, the general enterprises are in their own state, and there is no macro consideration direction at all.

Medicinal Plastic Bottle Outside Diameter Diameter Diameter Measurement: This part is the measurement of the part of the required measurement ruler across the bottle mouth, try to avoid the composite line of the bottle, close the spindle The spiral position of the department, rotating the bottle port 360 degrees, records the zui large value and ZUI small value, ensuring that the tolerance of the branch river is within 0.1. The pharmaceutical plastic bottle has the advantages of lightness, high strength, not easy to break, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygiene, in line with special requirements for drug packaging, etc. Medicinal packaging containers, are widely used in oral solid drugs (such as tablets, glue * agents, granules, etc.) and oral liquid medicines such as syrup, tarate, etc.). Compared with other plastic hollow packaging containers, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle has many special places, which are roughly aspects: When choosing a pharmaceutical plastic bottle, pay attention to its main raw materials and auxiliary formulations.

Solid pharmaceutical plastic bottle production standards are strict, and due to the different drugs, it has been made, respectively, and the plastic bottles of different drugs have their own main raw materials. Moreover, the plastic bottle is used by medicinal, and it is related to human life, so it must be in line with non-toxic and no taste.

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