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Manufacturers produce medical plastic bottles, MGG is closely chasing social technology development, continuously conducting technological innovations in solid pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles, welcome to visit the website.< br / >Features, plastic bottles, plastic, plastic bottles, beer drinks, especially pay attention to whether all lubricants are in line with the standards, only according to the lubricating fluid to protect the plastic bottle is not chemically damaged, otherwise, the plastic bottle will be filling and Packaging, because there is a lubricant with ultrasonic thickness with high acid or high alkali, while storage bottles are burst or leak or transported, this phenomenon is especially common in filling soda. Precautions for plastic beer bottles cover. In the sealed metal cover is a well-known metal cover material, such as the bottle seal is used in metal aluminum cover, the seal is tight, and there will be no too much problem, sealed.

When the sealing cap is iron, it is important to note that the crown covered bottle and pressure sealed metal cover red claws, metal lids due to mechanical bounce from metal materials. If there is a rebound position, the sealed sealing effect is of course the poor, but their packaging bottle is contracted or swumped under external force, which will cause the sealed place, the bottle and bottle cover, permeable liquid Air leaks. Plastic bottles are monomer feedstocks that are synthesized or condensed polymerization, from synthetic resins and fillers, plasticizers, stabilizers, lubricants, pigments, and other additives.

From scratch 50 years of development history, from small to large, from weak to strong, it has achieved brilliant achievements, enters the ranks of plastic big countries. In order to adapt to the WTO, participate in international competition, we must take the new industrialization road, accelerate the construction of industrial structure, accelerate the construction of modern enterprise system; pay attention to human resources development, improve the overall quality of the whole industry; rely on scientific and technological progress, accelerate industry upgrade and technological innovation; Continuously adjust the product structure, improve technical equipment level; create brand-name products, conscientiously implement sustainable development strategies; we must focus on intensity, advance with the times, and continue to develop and stabilize at home and abroad.

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