The harm of color plastic straws, do you know?


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

     Plastic straw is a common dietary aid tool in our lives. We usually buy porridge, drinks, yogurt, jelly, etc., will use this straw, it provides us with great convenience for us, but I don't know, this There is also a safe hidden danger. That is the colorful plastic straw is a certain harm. Although most of us use transparent straws, there are also individual merchants to choose colorful straws, especially those used by juice, milkshake, milk tea, etc. In order to put off the drink, they will choose this straw, However, this straw is harmful.

So, where is the harmfulness? Here are the harmfulness of the color plastic straw. 1. Production of raw materials may be a recovery: the raw materials of the straw are usually high-density polyethylene material, and the polyethylene raw materials are divided into food grade and non-food grade, and the food grade is more than 1000-2000 yuan. Tons, the raw materials used by "three" plastic straws may be some industrial grade polyethylene, even recycled plastics. 2, with a pigment to cover the quality problem: Individual unopents will presence the color of the straw to cover the use of recovery materials, it will be stained, so the color of the straw is, the more vivid, the greater the safety hazard.

Those colors are too bright, quality is definitely a problem, we must use it with caution. 3, the heat will be dissemined to the poisonous substance: If the straw we use, it will exude a plastic flavor, then such a stopper must have quality problems. Normal PP plastic can withstand high temperatures above 100 ° C, which will not exude plastic flavor after the heat.

Individual unopents often use recovery to reduce production costs. When such a straw is in use, the toxic and hazardous substance inside will be dissolved in the water. If used for a long time, it will harm the human liver, nervous system, etc., so we should try to avoid using a color plastic straw, try to choose transparent Plastic straws are used.

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