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Tangshan quality reliable transparent food plastic bottle manufacturer,< br / >MGG has its own independent food plastic packaging bottle, PET food plastic bottle, transparent food plastic bottle, food plastic bottle R & D team, welcome to visit at home and abroad. Because large plastics have unevenness, plastic bottles and pointed out , Neck and other thread roots, easy cracking and cracking, so these should be planned into a rounded angle. In planning kneading plastic jars, if the feedstock is high-density polyethylene or polypropylene, the cross section of the plastic bottle should be rectangular or oval, the low density polyethylene raw material or other congestive plastic bottle, cross section circular; pharmaceutical plastic bottle The technical staff of the producer is first, first understand the chemical and physical properties of bottle packaging drugs, and the second should be clear that the raw materials and the auxiliary materials of the bottle affect the drug packaging. If it is used to make the plastic bottle of unpleasant, the migration of trace elements will change the medicine of medical age, and even endanger life.

Drug is a special product, producing a pharmaceutical plastic bottle from each production process, meets the requirements of General "P", but also masters the relevant decree, the law, the plastic bottle of the operation, plastic bottle Health is unhealthy is our concern, it is a lid that is concerned. When the plastic bottle is in direct contact with our mouth, if there is no clean bottle cover, it may enter the human body drink. A constituent sector in the production of plastic bottle sterilization.

Plastic bottles: For plastic bottles, its main dip is used for packaging liquid or solid, is a modernized packaging carrier, and plastic bottle design is ringing, which meets the market for plastics. Various needs of bottles. The plastic bottle is not a type, meeting the need for non-packaging needs.

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