How to use a 6S system to manage the whole company


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Beautiful fruit plastic uses a 6S system to manage the whole company has no rules that are not square, strictly reasonable system is the basis of effective management. A company wants to do bigger and must have a strict system. 6S In short, it is finishing , Rectify, cleaning, cleaning, literacy, safety, due to "S" start, referred to as 6s. Corrugation is premise that any item area of ​​the workplace is divided into necessary and unnecessary, in addition to the necessary left, other eliminates. The purpose is to make space, space is used, prevent misuse, shaping a refreshing workplace: keeping the guarantee channel is smooth, tidy, and put the equipment of the workplace, the material reactor is neatly, not to place unnecessary things.

On the desk, the office items within the drawer are classified, and the items of the rack are neat. The rectification is guaranteed, put the necessary items left according to the prescribed position, and placed neatly logo. OBJECTIVE: The workplace is clear, eliminating the time of looking for items, a complete work environment, eliminating too much backlog, cleaning is the condition, cleaning the workplace and invisible place to clean, keep the workplace clean, bright environment of.

Literacy is the result, each member develops a good habit, and complies with rules, cultivates a positive active spirit, cultivates a good habit, obeying the rules, to create a team spiritual security is responsibility, pay attention to member safety education, every moment There are safety first concepts, preventing it. OBJECTIVE: To establish a safe production environment, all the work should be established under safety: Huizhou Meiqi Plastic Products Co., Ltd. uses the 6S system to standardize employee behavior, cultivate employee habits, and improve employee, so that the company is orderly, standardized. Company website:

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