Plastic Products Company participates in the 2017 3rd Niucha Competition


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Mei Jian Plastic Products Company participated in the 2017 3rd Niucha Chamber Competition 2017/6/10, Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. sent the sales manager and customer service manager to Dalong District, Shenzhen, China At the beginning of the conference, the conference launched all day, the two were fully loaded, and there were many companies from the Futian Branch, Huizhou Branch and Baoan Branch, and a number of companies from Futian Branch, Huizhou Branch and Baoan Branch. The two major elites of Mei Jian Plastic Products have won awards many times in the conference. The sales minister won the first prize, gains a 5,800 yuan learning coupon, second prize, get a high-end English tea, there are many Award. Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. has focused on multi-variety, fast-end period, and mass production plastic blowing bottle manufacturer, the extensive support of all walks of life, the development date new month, currently becomes a plastic packaging of the development potential and strength Product production enterprises.

Participants in the hands of love learning, music sharing, dedication, and total growth, in-depth study and exchange industry development experience, and conduct technical innovation and business cooperation. Looking forward to the future, Meiguo Plastic Products is full of confidence, adhering to the "integrity-based" corporate tenet, with the spirit of mutual benefit, long-term cooperation, providing services to our customers with high quality service, reasonable price. General Manager Cao Deko welcomes all employees warmly welcome new and old guests from all walks of life to come to negotiate business, investment cooperation, company website:

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