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In the 1970s, there were 18 women in Japan because the face had severe black cortiar in the face of cosmetics containing heavy metals. With the support of the lawyers and public opinion, they jointly accused the Japanese seven famous cosmetics manufacturers, sensationalization of the world, and prompted the Japanese Environmental Toxic Research Institute to publish the research report, unveiling the secret of cosmetics to the society, and to poisonize Ingredients exposure. Although this 18 women finally win and compensation, their beautiful faces do not exist.

At the end of the 1990s, Shanghai was prevalent to a "skin trend", and the merchant claimed that women returned to the 20-year-old skin in a week. For a time, many women in Shanghai witnessed the magical effects of "skin skin skin", but when they have not had more praise, those who have had a skinned woman are in less than two years. I have paid a painful price. Since the skin of the skin is constantly stripped by chemicals, it causes the skin's epidermis to lose the best protective film, and the face gradually emerges from melanin and all kinds of color spots, thousands of women in this incident. In the middle, the original "perfect skin" became terrible. There is an endless event, we can't help but ask: Is it a beautifying person or hurt people? Is there any cosmetics that do not hurt the skin? The fourth generation of "physiological cosmetics" completely changing historical cosmetics experienced four exchanges.

Every replacement is a progress, representing a new way of life and maintenance. The first generation of cosmetics is the main ingredients of mineral oil. For example, we use the eloquil oil used in the 1980s, the first generation of products is very poor, absorbed, and contain a large number of heavy metal substance lead, mercury, etc., these substances Body and skin can cause harm, so it will soon be eliminated in the market. The second-generation cosmetics are mainly animal extract, such as "sheep oil", "placenta", etc. in our 1990s.

Although these products are easily absorbed, animal oil is also easily carried by animal autologies, spread to consumers during the production process, so it is only a time problem. Soon, the third-generation cosmetics appeared, it is the main component of vegetable oil, such as various types of plant essential oils, but such products have a mixed, complex processing process, and improper use of skin allergy reflection, and extraction is not pure Phenomenon caused by poisoning. Although the third generation of products represented by plant essential oils is currently popular in the Chinese market, many people are in use, but industry experts know very clearly: plant extract is definitely not the best raw material for cosmetics, there must be better, More suitable for the human body, more efficient materials.

In 2005, the fourth-generation physiological cosmetics headed by "Bangbai" were born. It is the core of biotechnology. It has adopted the "B2 cell promotion factor" as a carrier, and acts as a carrier. The inner layer of the skin is constantly promoting cell regeneration, on the one hand, gradually nutritious and repaired damaged skin cells, the skin gradually became natural, the skin gradually turned into whitening and delicate, and there was no side effects, it is a compliance Cosmetics of human physiological needs. The appearance of Bangbai, rapidly caused a sensation in Taiwan. Some people show: medical circles, biological communities, and beauty circles can be completely combined! Some people have admired: The best beautician is your own skin, the best product is your own cell.

More people first doubt, after a month, they were conquered by "Bangbai". The best cosmetics are the skin itself? "Bangbai" inventors are doctors who have a reputation in the world. He has been engaged in biochemical, medical work, and has obtained a number of international patents for many years. He believes that the best cosmetics in the world are not those who are expensive or extracting complex products, but the human body's skin.

A simple approach: When our skin is scratched, it will self-repair and adjust within a period of time, thereby replying to the previous look. This shows that healthy skin has a certain self-repair ability. He believes that a person's skin has a phenomenon such as color spots, dark yellow, relaxation, wrinkles, is the lack of cells in the skin or caused by less than enough cellular particles, and only relying on ordinary cosmetics is unable to solve problems.

Only the cell problems inside the skin can only solve the surface problem of the skin. Through seven years of continuous exploration and trial, he finally found B2 cell regeneration factor inside the skin, the diameter of this factor nuclei was 1000 times higher than the diameter of the human hair, but it was not seen at all, but it was skin. The most important part of cells. It can constantly make cell replication, let it change, two, two.

And three-dimensional repairs have been made to the flat cells, so that it is full. The cells inside the skin are always active and young in the age of 20. How does "Bangbai" make women's skin, delicate? After the age of 25, the activity and self-reproductive ability of skin cells began to decrease, and the metabolic speed of free radicals also declined, and the skin gradually darkened, slack, and even forming a brown in the face.

Only solve the ability of skin cell regeneration, the skin can make white, thinner, tender. "Bangbai" whitening set is rich in B2 cell regeneration factors than diamonds, which can deeply penetrate the skin's skin and the leather layer. The maximum role is to regenerate cells and repair damaged cells, so that the fiber tissue is re-obtained, the skin cells are beginning to be full, and the skin tissue begins to gradually enrich tight and resurgent.

In addition, the B2 cell regeneration factor is an important guarantee for adjusting the skin 28 days, thereby eliminating various deposition pigments and pigments. Let the skin are white and delicate, restore natural gloss. Datong is available, the phone can order the relevant experts of the international cosmetics industry, "this Bangbai's birth is a breakthrough in the history of human cosmetics. It is not a simple cosmetics covering, but in-depth nutrition and repair. Internal cells, keep the facial deep cells, more thorough solve the phenomenon of facial skin, color spots, skin relaxation and wrinkles.

The user can significantly feel the change in the skin within one month. After using three - six months, the skin is young 3-5 years old is very normal, and some people seem to be 10 years old. "Bangbai" whitening set has been sold in Datong, consumers buy products at XXXX, or call XXXX consultation.

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