Factors affecting the fading of plastic products


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Factors affecting the fading of plastic products proves that there are many faded factors that affect plastic products, the fading of the plastic colors and pigments, light resistance, antioxidant resistance, heat resistance, acid-resistant resistance, and resin used Characteristics are related. The light resistance of the colorant directly affects the fading of the product, the outdoor article that is irradiated with strong light, the coloring (sunsicable) grade requirements of the colorant, the light-to-light level, the product will be faded in use. The thermal stability of the heat-resistant pigment refers to the degree of heat loss, discoloration, and fading of the pigment at the processing temperature.

Ingredients of inorganic pigments are metal oxides, salts, and high thermostability, high heat resistance. The pigments of the organic compounds and changes in molecular structures occur at a certain temperature and a small amount of decomposition. In fact, we need a production process. If you need a high-temperature heating plastic product, you need to choose a more heat-resistant pigment to ensure color discoloration, fading, and ensure the overall appearance of the product.

Antioxidative sexy organic pigments gradually fade in oxidation after oxidation, and other variations, this process is the high temperature oxidation in the process, and the second is oxidation that occurs in strong oxidant (such as chromate in chrome). . After the color deposition, the azo pigment is mixed with chrome yellow, and the red will gradually decline. Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. also focused on multi-variety, fast-scale, mass production plastic blowing bottle manufacturer, website: www.hzkepend.com.

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