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Whenever I am in the street, I saw the plastic bottle thrown on the ground, I as if I can see the back of the grandfather that is far away. When I was young, my parents didn't take care of me because I didn't take care of me. When I was in the childhood, I brought my grandfather every day, buy vegetables from 7 am, 1 pm and grandfather found some chess, and went out at 6 o'clock in the evening.

Grandpa's eyes are like a naked eye search instrument specifically to collect bottles, and I am a small police dog next to it. It is waiting for the grandfather. I will run the bottle. Gradually, I have been in elementary school, and Grandpa's tricycle is also replaced by electric. And when I was a child, the time of joy was not returned.

The only habit of the grandfather is not changed. Only, there is no small police dog waiting for it. Whenever Grandpa discovers the bottle on the roadside, I will don't want to go, and there are too many excuses such as the car. Looking at the eyes of the grandfather, I took the car and walked slowly.

Suddenly, I saw that there was a car flying away on the left. If Grandpa will hit it, I am in a hurry, I shouted: "Grandpa!" Grandpa didn't stop the pace, asked me. Until the car slammed from the grandfather, I slammed my breath and said: "There is nothing." Grandpa arrived at the roadside, looked at the blind eyes after the bottle, I don't know why, I will also The eyes are infected with a few joy and smile.

In the words of my grandparents, I have turned into a big girl, and my parents are as busy. From the afternoon, you will be delivered by Grandpa. Today, everything is just like just in elementary school, but my attitude towards grandfather has changed.

Hot noon, I am enjoying the coolness of electric tricycles. The electric tricycle "" suddenly stopped on the side of the road, looked at Grandpa to pick up the bottle, I was very annoyed in my heart, I was not shameful, you didn't think that I was shameful! I will wait for my grandfather to pick up the bottle and ask him: "Grandpa, we have money now, no poor, why do you want to pick a bottle? A bottle can earn a bit!" Grandpa laughed: "We are now Not poor, but the money originally earned to make a few meals, and it has also been used to it. Now young people have developed the bad habits of paving, throwing garbage, our older people More must be a model for young people! "If I have a clear grandfather, my grandfather is just a laughter.

"Hey, go to me to pick up the bottle." "Okay." We returned to the past.

Because this also became a thing that made me proud. Grandpa thrifting the quality also made me proud, grandfather's rustic also made me proud. Ah, there is a trash in this side, throw those bottles.

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