How to upgrade high temperature resistant characteristics in bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

    Plastic bottle packaging is already the mainstream packaging model of the world, and the demand for all walks of life has high packaging proportions. However, as people's environmental green health is getting higher and higher, the high-temperature plastic bottle is also challenged the glass-packled plastic bottle. In high temperatures, whether it is stable performance, whether it will release harmful substances It is suffering from the market question. How does plastic bottle packaging technical upgrade have high temperature resistance?    I don't know if everyone is small, it will be in order to easily carry the boiled water to go to school to pour the just cooked white water into the mineral water bottle or other beverage bottles, and then find that the boiled water is not full, the plastic bottle has been deformed Powerful.

This is because ordinary plastic bottles have only 70 degrees, in fact, according to scientific experiments, it is found that the plastic bottle packaging heat-resistant to 60 degrees will release trace harmful substances, more than 70 degrees is equivalent to complete release, and is not All plastic bottles are standard in this heat-resistant temperature, and some plastic bottles will release the corresponding hazardous substances depending on the objective temperature of the weather temperature. Therefore, according to the various plastic bottles of plastic bottles in the market, R & D personnel are also studying high-temperature plastic bottle material PET, PP and BOPP, etc., improved material factors, and improve their heat resistance.

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