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What should I do? Xinhua News Agency, Beijing August 8th, at 21:19, Jiuzhaigou County (103.82 degrees), Jiuzhaigou County (103.82 degrees) in Sichuan Province, with a depth of 20 km. As of 23:30 on August 8, the earthquake has caused 5 deaths, more than 70 injured. After the earthquake, General Secretary of the Central Committee, President of the Central Committee, President Xi Jinping attached great importance to it immediately, and immediately made an important indication, requiring the verification of Jiuzhaigou 7.0 earthquake disaster, quickly organizing strength to disaster relief, and going to rescue the wounded, evacuate the tourist and The victims of the affected people minimize people casualties.

At present, the main flood season, and the tourist season, we must further strengthen meteorological warning and geological monitoring, closely prevent all kinds of disasters, do a good job in disaster relief, and strive to ensure the safety of people's lives and property. The Standing Committee of the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee, Prime Minister Li Keqiang, the State Council, made instructions, requiring the provision of disasters, fully organizing rescue, minimizing casualties, properly transferring the disaster prevention. Strengthen the monitoring of vibration, prevent secondary disasters.

One party is difficult, eight-party support, in this incident, all the best in all directions help Jiuzhaigou people, whether mentally, or material. Here, the plastic bottle manufacturer must grasp the quality of the beverage bottle, and the product must use food grade materials to ensure that the people in the disaster area can use safe packaging bottles, Huizhou Meiqi plastic products specialize in the production of beverage mineral water packaging bottles, here we promise Resolutely adopt food-grade PET materials, provide guarantees for people in the disaster area, and all employees of Mei Fruit Plastics wishes people to come out soon, start new and beautiful life! .

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