The future of plastic bottles is still wonderful


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Over the years, plastic bottles have been plagued by depletion of petroleum resources and environmentally friendly. People think that oil is non-renewable resources for a long time in the past, and will consume light in the foresee of decades. As a raw material of a plastic bottle, if the oil is exhausted, the natural plastic bottle packaging is not produced.

Another problem is that many environmentally friendly people believe that plastic bottles have large pollution, should be canceled or issued restrictions.   In the face of these two points, the author can clearly say that it is not a problem. First, with the advancement of shale oil technology, the capacity of oil resources has risen hundreds of times, and the concerns of light oil in the short term do not exist, and the raw materials for plastic bottles are solved.

Second, the recovery rate of plastic bottles, especially PET bottles, is much higher than that of some metal and other products. This is to benefit from the value of the plastic bottle packaging recycling. Therefore, the excessive contamination of plastic bottles has not been exaggerated.

   In summary, we believe that plastic bottles are still very exciting in the future.

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