The high requirements of Japanese customers will continue to grow plastic bottles.


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Recently, a Japanese customer is ushered in. The customer's requirements are very high. The company's technical engineers are also tightening the opening production, close communication with customers, and finally completed in recent days, and the twists and turns also made our employees. few. Customers find Koe Peng Plastic through the network, demand products are bubble bottles, long-term orders, and the first batch of orders is 100,000. The previous sales understanding of the product is export Japan, and the technical engineer is invited to pay close attention. Everyone knows that Japanese customers are very strict in the product, so the company general manager also deliberately manages the company, to maintain the company's good image, especially Details, to ensure that customers do not have problems, after the customer is watching the factory, it is more satisfied, after the mold, although there is some twists and turns in the mold, but also solved one by one, customers are also highly concerned when they are produced, special Participate from the company to visit, I believe that the details of Japanese customers have also gave our first-line employees, and they need products to learn from Germany, so that we can create world-class brands.

The leaders who strive to be a plastic bottle industry, Cocopeng plastics have been working hard.

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