Blowing mold to change the importance of material and structure


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   In plastic bottles, the blowing mold is a very important ring. For plastic bottles manufacturers, the blow mold mold not only has a great impact on the production efficiency and quality of plastic bottles, but also a very important factor for production costs. It can be seen that the blowing mold is an important role of a plastic bottle manufacturer.

A bottlery mold with a lower quality cost is a great help for plastic bottles manufacturers.   At present, the general price of blowing molds in the market is relatively high, and the material mainly uses steel, thick and version fixed. For blowing mold manufacturers, how to effectively reduce the blow mold cost is a direction worth exploring.

Change the past steel raw materials, using lightweight materials instead of steel. At the same time, it is also a valid improvement in the structural design of the blowing mold. If a plurality of bottles can be blown at the same time, such blowing molds can greatly reduce costs.

   At present, the domestic blow mold manufacturer is generally universal. The author hopes that some manufacturers with research and development have made more efforts in the innovation of the blow mold.

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