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Manufacturers sell production quality pharmaceutical plastic bottles, MGG sales phone: + 86-15916785363, the company's medicinal plastic bottles, well-known provinces, sell well in the country. We have pharmaceutical plastic bottles, pharmaceutical plastic bottles and other products, variety complete gas barrier, Very powerful, very low adsorption and several plastic particles. Further, the coating is very thin, and the recovery does not affect the material during the recovery process. Therefore, this material can be considered a packaging material that facilitates environmental protection.

From the international market, environmentally friendly pharmaceutical plastic bottles, which can control oxygen and carbon dioxide gas in consideration of penetration, which is in the normal pharmaceutical plastic bottle. However, due to a series of defects, a new treatment method is required in the structure of a conventional plastic material. It is known that in the field of soft packaging, vacuum has been used for ceramic or metal material spraying techniques to increase the barrier properties of the plastic film.

The paint composition of the pharmaceutical plastic bottle is the main goal of improving the bottle barrier properties. In CVD medicinal plastic bottle, with silica coating composition (silica) and diamond carbon (DLC) and other materials. The silica and aluminum oxide film are transparent colorless, DLC coated brown.

For coating materials, alumina, high melting point, it is difficult to apply to the CVD process, and thus the main component of the silica barrier layer coating is usually selected. The application of CVD steam plastic bottle coating can be pulverized into particulate shape. Then, by injection molding or blow molding, the purpose of recycling is achieved.

This loop test process, each processing step, tests to check the pharmaceutical plastic bottle recovery of performance. Test performance indicators include projects of transparency, color strength, tensile strength, and thickness distribution. The coated pharmaceutical plastic bottle was recovered without experiments, and the results showed that the data between these projects did not differ much.

Therefore, this demonstrates the chemical vapor deposition of silicon oxide and other issues that are recovered in pharmaceutical plastic bottles.

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