Analysis of the Characteristics of Self - Wine Bottle Market


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Regarding self-brewing, today's level of living is gradually improved, and today's safety is still worrying, it has become a lot of families. In such a context, the market demand from the wine bottle is surprising. From the order data of our China Packaging Bottle Network, although the market demand in the entire wine bottle is declining, the market order and inquiry volume from the wine bottle have grown significantly more than a few years ago.

   From the demand for brewing bottles, we have found that there are two main types, one is a large-capacity foam bottle, 4-5L, some need to take a bottle with a faucet. Another category is a large-capacity plastic bottle. At present, the market is mainly used to use edible bottles. Overall, there is no market bottle designed and developed in the market.

   In the foreseeable future, through the analysis of China's packaging bottle mesh, the demand for wine bottles will rise sharply. Among them, the demand for plastic self-wine bottles will be the largest. For the strong future market demand of plastic self-wine bottles, we hope that the relevant plastic bottle manufacturers can specialize in production and development to meet the market.

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