Plastic bottle factory tells you that plastic bottles are commonly used materials and properties


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Plastic bottle factory tells you that plastic bottles commonly used materials and characteristic life in a shaped colorful plastic bottle doing materials, today's plastic bottle production plant Dongguan Fuwan Plastic Products Co., Ltd. tells you here. Plastic bottles are relatively common fabrication materials include PET, PP, PE, PC, etc. Below is the characteristics of these materials introduction PET transparent, non-toxic, impact, no high temperature, generally mineral water, cola, peanut oil, cosmetics, must be cold filling, one-time use (not high temperature disinfection).

PP non-toxic, transparent, has a certain heat and impact resistance, generally juice drink, shampoo, can be hot filling (very important to the juice drink), can not be disinfected with high pressure pots, transparency is not good. The PE PE bottle and PP flask are similar, the toughness is better than PP, but the rigidity and heat resistance are poor, solvent good, and the plastic soy sauce bottle is like PE, temporary, small wine, kerosene. PC transparent, impact resistance, high temperature, material is more expensive, 5 gallons of pure water bottles for maximum, high temperature steam disinfection.

The key to the choice of plastic bottle materials is to see what you want to install, there is no corrosive, appearance requirements, etc., what materials are decided to use.

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