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MGG's pharmaceutical plastic bottle is low, low price, low price, in MGG, the factory has sufficient raw material resources, the source, so the solid pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle, the pharmaceutical plastic bottle price is low. Purchasing Hotline: Yi: High Continue Rate Enhances the small plastic compared to plastic contraction, which is mainly composed of heat shrinkage and chemical structures. Yi Yi's factors affecting the species of shrinking plastics. Compared to ordinary epoxyphenol resins, epoxy phenolic resins, unsaturated polyesters, etc., a small contraction unsaturated polyester material, such as contraction plastic parts, large thick walls, such as plastic and The glass fiber filling contains a small volume shrinkage, and the volatile difference is also very suitable for large contraction, forming pressure, volume shrinkage, compromise, lacking large curing shrinkage peeling.

It will affect the use of plastic bottles. In order to reduce and prevent shrinkage, it is an important factor in atrophy. It affects the actual use effect. Second: Liquidistic plastic bottle is relatively general pressure, and the liquid resin of the plastic material is easily lossed by excessive accumulation and glass. The formation pressure and temperature will increase significantly, the fluidity is affected by many factors, and the liquidity of certain materials must be evaluated, and it is necessary to analyze the factors affecting liquidity.

In recent years, my country's plastic bottles have developed rapidly, and the plastic bottle packaging has special requirements for printing, no damage, and health-inquiry packaging. At present, domestic pharmaceuticals, capsules packaging, have gradually realized the "plastic" era of "slope". Apply high-quality plastic bottles, with reasonable bottle structure design and improved production equipment and mature techniques.

From the three aspects of the bottle body structure, the molding method, and the molding process, the plastic bottle production process is analyzed as an overall process. Pharmaceutical packaging of plastic bottles: Technician for pharmaceutical plastic bottles should first understand the chemical and physical properties of the production bottle packaging drugs, the second should be clear that the raw materials and the auxiliary materials of the bottle affect the drug packaging. If it is used to make the amount of plastic bottle, the migration of trace elements will change the medical effect, and even drugs that endanger life.

Drug is a special product, producing pharmaceutical plastic bottles from each production process, to meet the requirements of General "P", but also master relevant laws, regulations.

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