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   For plastic containers, the first widely used materials are PE, PVC, for environmental protection, progressive barrier, reducing the cost, etc., and the materials used are now mainly PE, PVC, PP, PET, etc.    PE is the largest synthetic resin in the world. It is also the largest consumption of plastic packaging materials, but the lower stiffness of PE plastic bottles, which has certain limits in plastic bottle packaging.    PET is used in a large number of hollow containers such as blow molding manufacturing bottles, but also beverages such as lemon juice, juice and other beverages.

PET bottles produced by thawling are seamless lines, and the bottle wall is very uniform, and it is delicious carbonated drinks; PET bottles produced by extrusion blow molding are suitable for 艳 Juice and mineral water.    Since the thermal filling technology is widely used in various tea beverages, the juice beverage canned production line, the high-temperature BOPP thermal filming beverage bottle with high temperature is 100 ° C is better than high temperature resistance, and the PET bottle is more low. The price makes it a certain market, but its barrier is poor than the PET, and the packaging of high barrier requirements is equally unable to use.    The PET bottle is rapidly developed in its superior performance, relatively low cost and environmental protection.

    The PET bottle has appropriate stiffness, high strength, beautiful appearance, flexible design, and good transparency is the most suitable plastic bottle in place of glass bottles. However, the inherent defects of plastic materials are limited and developed by the application of PET bottles. If the PET glass is low, shrinkage, cracking occurs during thermal filling; the oxygen, carbon dioxide is poorly gas gas is poor; Yan suit polar solvent is easily corroded.

In particular, the barrier properties of the gas are lower to apply such as beer packaging applications such as beer packaging applications.    Advance and improve its barrier performance, is an inevitable direction of polyester bottles. .

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