The small capacity of edible oil bottle packaging is correct


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   The edible oil bottle packaging will get smaller. Currently, 5L's edible oil bottles on the market will no longer be mainstream in the future. So where is the cause of this trend? Today, the author will analyze from the following aspects.

    First, the current edible oil bottle in the market is generally based on 5L large capacity. Many high-end edible oils use small capacity edible oil bottles as packaging for the purpose of product differentiation. This makes the small packaging edible oil bottle to high-end impressions, which also makes more and more edible oil bottles in the future to start small packages to highlight the high end of the product.

Second, edible oil bottle packaging is now a big capacity, for single young white-collar workers, living alone, is clear that this package is too large, not suitable. This packaging is more suitable for large households, so small capacity packaging is inevitable.   In this regard, the author also believes that small capacity edible oil bottles are in line with the current market, it is worth promoting.

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