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The Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Niucha Chamber of the Air Force came to Huizhou Meiguo Plastic Products Co., Ltd. Since the beginning of the 3rd Niucha Chamber of Commerce, the Air Force team has conducted 18 large sharing members, sharing the content of colorful, beneficial to help, the Air Force team The purpose of providing free help for a company is intended to help enter the company's rapid growth, improve performance, and finally completed the target, and win the champion. Today, the Standing Committee of the Shenzhen Cattle Chamber of Commerce should be invited by Huizhou Meiqi Plastic Company to reach Huizhou Huiyang at 10 am, and conduct a guidance meeting of the enterprise network operation work of Huizhou Meiqi Plastic Products Company. Co., Ltd. Beautiful fruit plastic company's network operation work is engaged in the development of several major problems present, and the two main person in charge of the Ministry of Witang, the general proceedings of Mei Fruit Plastics, also committed the corresponding commitment, promise within a month. According to the program provided by the Air Force team, the network work is adjusted and improved in summer, and the hot sun will not stop the enthusiasm of the US Standing Committee, and their arrival provides substantive solutions for the beauty of beauty, the actuality Help, in the future network operation, many of the problems we have encountered will be solved, the beauty plastic elite team and the e-commerce team, sincerely thank the Standing Committee of the Air Force Team, and we will continue to improve our services and products. Quality, effectively solve problems, improve efficiency, and contribute to the Air Force team! ! ! ! ! Beautiful Fruit Site:

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