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Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Blowing machine, in a long time, domestic manufacturers have done the market's focus around the international market. However, with the improvement of domestic labor costs, plus the expansion of the entire international market, in recent years, the export volume of the blowing machine slows down. In contrast, domestic blow molding machine market demand has maintained a good growth rate, and many blower machine manufacturers also turn some market business to China.

   For the domestic blow molding machine market, currently in the distribution, mainly concentrated in Taizhou Huangyan and Guangdong Foshan several places. The number of blowing machine manufacturers in other parts of the country is very small. However, at present, the overall industrial structure of China has begun to adjust, and the entire products of plastic bottles downstream of the blower machine will be transferred to the Midwest of the Midwest by the eastern economy.

This makes the market demand of the entire domestic blow molder also start transfer. However, most manufacturers are concentrated in several places, which makes the Midwest Plastics Enterprises have problems in the purchase of blowing machines and blowing machines.   About the domestic market layout of the blowing machine, I hope that the bottle machine manufacturers can re-layout according to the changes in the industrial structure by new understanding and considering.

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