Specifically talk about the shortcomings of each pharmaceutical bottle packaging


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

  About pharmaceutical bottles, we have talked many times. Today, the author wants to specifically according to each of our daily contacts, talk about some of the shortcomings of pharmaceutical bottles, let the pharmaceutical bottle manufacturers more targeted. Pharmaceutical bottle packaging of ophthalmology water, I think it is the first one.

The author has recently been discomfort, using more eye drops. Although the pharmaceutical bottle packaging of eye drops in recent years has been continuously improved. However, the author found that the eye drops into the eye course in the use process, it is more troublesome, it is difficult to accurately and convenient one-time eye drops into the eyes.

This is a big problem in the packaging of ophthalmic water medicine bottles. Let's talk about the pharmaceutical bottle of medicinal glass packages. This kind of pharmaceutical bottle will be more troublesome, some need to drive away with a grinding wheel. This is necessary to improve the medical care worker and the patient's improving medicinal glass medicine bottle.

Let's talk about a normal capsule medicine bottle. This kind of pharmaceutical bottle you will find a problem if you pay attention to it. Because the cement type medicine products have strict control during the production environment, the bacteria is difficult to affect the quality of the drug.

However, the pharmaceutical bottle is very susceptible to environmental infringement during the opening of the closure, which is an urgent need to solve problems.   If our pharmaceutical bottle manufacturer produces every pharmaceutical bottle, it can constantly observe to solve the user experience at the patient's perspective, then the medical bottle packaging will become more and more human.

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