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From my plastic bottle you accumulated, I gave a grandmother. She sent some melon seedlings and cooking. Hey, this is her new seasoned tomato. "In the morning, I met Cookman Ji'. she told me about the old grandmother picking bottle.

I usually like to drink a drink, and I have accumulated more than 100 empty bottles in a year and a half. For environmentally friendly, I set up the plastic bottle with a large-scale garbage bag and prepare to take the time to sell them. Because of the need to pick up the box, I will often get up at 6 o'clock. When the hospital door is open, there will be a grace of the old grandmother in the age of seventy years to hold the hot tongs, the left hand is holding a snake skin bag, a slightny waist, Walking in our yard, looking for something on the ground.

The garbage pool is the place where she is willing. She fought a few times there. Sometimes I can put some bottle tank, put it in the snake skin bag, and then leave. When she saw her picking up a plastic bottle, I would like to go to my grandmother. In that year, the thin and old thoughts were picked up in the streets, and then put the bottle with the snakeskin bag, let the children and grandchildren helped to sell the waste purchase station, and the joyful land makes her more spirit.矍铄 矍铄 三 三 三.

She said that she was busy, and she left the same field. She has always believed that it can't be white, drink, and won. One day, my grandmother suddenly left. Her two bags have not been available and sold ..... The old grandmother in front of me, no matter what it can be picked up, the expression is so calm, when she can be dirty When I dial a bottle in garbage, I was secretly happy.

So, when the bottle is already enough, I let the Ji Aunt help me give my grandmother. The next day, Ji Au laughed and told me that on the way to the market, the old grandmother sent her green pepper and two eggplant. She gave the seedlings in the evening. Now, next to the vegetable field excavated by Ji'., the twenty or thirty green peppers have become the result, and the ten tomatoes far away are also covered with purple eggplants.

When I was eating at noon, a green pepper fried eggplant ended to the table. I told my colleagues: "This is the dish of our own, didn't play pesticides, real original ecology ..." I didn't wait for me to introduce it. Colleagues have already got a big faster. After getting off work at night, I bought a bottle of pure water, while drinking, I watched the tomato seeds under the morning Ji'hu planting, they no longer pulled their heads, and it seems to be straight up. Soon, I took a pleasant tomato from the vegetable field, I pinched the plastic bottle in my hand, my heart was full.

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