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Solid plastic bottles are mainly based on non-toxic polymer polymers such as high-density polyethylene (HDPE), polyester (PET), poly bingxi (PP), polycarbonate (PC) as the main raw material, using advanced plastic molding processes And equipment produce a variety of solid plastic bottles, mainly in all kinds of JIAONANG, tablets, powders, granules, glue pills, oral liquids, etc. Solids and liquids. Nutritional health products mainly use polyester bottles (PET bottles) and high-density polyethylene bottles (HDPE bottles), but beverages mainly use polyester bottles (PET), daily necessities such as shampoo, shower gel use high-density polyethylene bottles ( HDPE bottle) is more. The use of solid plastic bottles in food packaging is very common and common, in which important roles and value are played, showing good use value and role.

Plastics used in food packaging are very stable. If used correctly, its composition is low in the food, which will reduce the non-harmful substances in the mistake, affecting the health after eating. Since ancient times, the art of China is in the form of the opening of the frying *, although the * is not compared to the * poor * poor, but is not as good as the Western *, it is relatively inconvenient to carry it. In recent years, China's China * starts to go to the world market, breaking through the traditional way, gradually introducing the essence, developing * pills in plastic bottle packaging, making China * worldwide promoted worldwide.

Many Western Medicine Commons are very affirmed in our art, but because Westerners are sturdy, it is very convenient, so there is currently not very good to promote in the world market. In recent years, in order to make China's art open the market abroad, China's solid plastic bottle industry gradually began to reform and innovate in the packaging of solid plastic bottles, and changed to solid plastic bottles. The solid plastic bottle produced in China must have the following characteristics of the following characteristics can be packaged in solid plastic bottles, reaching the improvement of the package.

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