Governance plastic bottle pollution to make a combination of boxing DC switch


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Do you think about it, after drinking a drink, where should the empty plastic bottle? Some recycled re-produced becomes a plastic bottle, some are filled or discarded. Different results, the impact on the environment is the heterogeneity. Repeated utilization is naturally preferred.

Landing, discardment or flowing into the ocean will cause huge damage to the environment. Plastic bottles are easy to see for us, but it is often overlooked. An article in the British "Guardian" wrote that by 2021, the global plastic bottle consumption will reach 500 billion per year, the efficiency of far-renewal, seawater, coast and other natural environments are facing plastic pollution.

According to relevant statistics, the global plastic bottle consumption reached 480 billion in 2016, but it was less than half of the recovery, only 7% of which were reused. Most are buddy or flowing into the ocean in a mixed garbage. The plastic bottle embedded in the ground will cause pollution to soil and groundwater.

Plastic bottles that flow into the ocean will inevitably be eaten by some marine life, * End and pass through the food chain, let human self-sufficient fruit. Therefore, governance plastic bottles are not slow, which is not only for our generation, but also for future generations. Recycling is a very good choice.

The plastic bottle is mainly material such as polyethylene or polypropylene and has been made after a plurality of organic solvents. Most materials are recyclable, which lays a foundation for governance plastic bottle pollution. With the foundation, I have to hit "combine punch".

First, you must implement a classification and recycling garbage. Although the classification and recycling garbage system has been promoted all over, the effect is not obvious. Therefore, we must increase publicity and vigorously promote waste classification recovery.

This is not only conducive to the recycling of plastic bottles, but also contributes to the classification treatment of other garbage. Second, enterprises should take responsibility for recycling. Drinks, mineral water and other manufacturers use a large number of plastic bottles each year, but the responsibility to be borne does not match.

Enterprises should urge companies to add some initiatives that encourage recycling plastic bottles to enhance the repeated utilization of plastic bottles. Again, encourage research and development of more plastic bottles recycling technology. The high recovery cost is an important reason why many companies are recycling and use of plastic bottles.

Therefore, the government should develop and support plastic bottle recycling technologies through funds, taxation, etc., and use technology to reduce recovery costs. In addition, R & D replacement products are also a walking path. There are many people in the world * I have realized the harm of plastic products, including plastic bottles, and vigorously support research and development of products that can replace plastics.

For example, the UK college student has developed a edible film and is made of natural seaweed extract. Consumers can drink water and beverages into the film. This is a useful attempt.

Of course, it is more important to make the public to establish awareness of using plastic products. Without public participation and strong support, reducing plastic products including plastic bottles * are empty talk. Therefore, we must broadly promote environmental protection knowledge and enhance public environmental awareness.

With technological innovation, public support, governance plastic pollution.

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