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1. Ppet (polyethylene terephthaby) PET container is a commonly known treasure bottle. The initial use of PET is to be used as artificial fibers, and the film, tape, etc., in 1976, it is used in the beverage bottle. The hardness, toughness, transparency of the PET container is very good, and the energy consumption is low in production, and the characteristics such as gas-absorbing, non-volatile, acid and alkali resistant, are widely used.

International trends also show that PET will be the mainstream of the container, except for the drink, such as detergent, shampoo, food, medicine, cosmetics, and wine packaging bottles, have been used in a large number of treasure bottles. 2, HDPE high-density polyethylene) PE (polyethylene) is the most widely used plastics in industrial, life, generally divided into two types of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and low density polyethylene (LDPE), HDPE is more LDPE melting point High, hardness, and more resistant to corrosion resistance. PE is very good for acidity and alkaline resistance, and the plastic belt and various translucent or opaque plastic bottles seen on the market are almost all made of PE, like detergents, shampoo, shower milk, Edible oil, pesticide ..., etc., most of the HDPE bottles are dressed.

3, PVC (polyvinyl chloride) PVC material is quite early, and multi-part is used in industrial products, since PVC also has the advantages of other plastic materials, and on processing, plasticity is quite excellent, plus price is cheap, usage Very common, like water pipes, raincoats, bags, building materials, plastic films, plastic boxes, etc. The transparency of the PVC material, the gloss is nice but heat resistant, and the cold-resistant characteristics is poor, and some food containers use PVC materials to make. 4, LDPE (low-density polyethylene) LDPE can be said in modern life, with plastic belt as a bulk, but also many containers are made of LDPE, like milk bottles, soft cartridges ..., etc., LDPE is more transparency Poor, if it is not a color, it is white and translucent, and LDPE is poor compared to HDPE to corrosive liquid erosion and the material is soft.

5, PP (polypropylene) melting point up to 167 ° C, heat resistant, product available vapor disinfection is the characteristics PP and PE can be said to be a second brother, but several physical properties and mechanical properties are better than PE, so bottle operators often produce PE Bottle, bottle caps with large hardness and strength PPs, PP material products are the most common is rice pulp bottles, salad oil bottles, dairy bottles and plastic boxes for food products. However, a relatively large container is like a bucket, trash can, basket ..., etc., is made in PP. PP and PE are difficult to separate, in general, PP has a high hardness, and the surface is more shiny.

6, PS (polystyrene) PS low water absorption, and its dimensional stability, can be used, mold, extrusion, heat molding, PS mainly used in building materials, toys, stationery, rollers, inserts (like White lining in the refrigerator, etc., and the industrial packaging buffer material. Unfoamed PS is on the food container like a cup of raising multi-cans, yogurt bottles, pudding boxes, cot, milk tea cup, fast food restaurant cup cover. 7. The other classes are not listed in the six major classification, the more numbers are not numbered. It is used to increase recovery efficiency.

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