Plastic bottle UV network printing ink features


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   With the functionality of plastic bottle, the requirements for its external image are also increasing, for example, color printing directly on plastic bottles is widely used. As a result, the role of the ink is more important. Due to the high efficiency of modern printing, a new requirement is proposed for the ink, requiring the ink to be not dry on the press, and the transfer to the substrate can be quickly dried.

   At present, the fastest development of the fast-drying ink is UV ink. The maximum characteristic of the UV ink is non-toxic, which can be cured instantaneously, which is more advantageous in printing, in the print container, hose vessel, especially in plastic, etc. 1. The printing ink layer has a protrusion   The curing process of the UV ink is the process of performing optical crosslinking polymerization under the ink internal component under a strong UV light instantaneous action, and the composition component remains 100%.

With solvent type ink (which drying is a volatile process of solvent in ink, the ink component after drying is 50%), and its printing ink layer is more prominent. 2. UV ink will not block the screen version   Since the UV ink does not contain volatile substances, the stability is high in the screen version, and the plug network is generated on the screen version, especially when printing the fine pattern, it will not cause Image deformation reduces the trouble of wi net. 3. EV ink searches for light and easy responses   UV ink printing should avoid direct sunlight, or close to fluorescent lamps and mercury lamps.

4. Prepare test and irradiation conditions   Preparatory tests must be performed when determining the irradiation conditions of the UV ink, and the test printing materials should be consistent with the actual production. After the ink was solidified by the set irradiation conditions, the viscosity, adhesion, arches of the printing surface was then carried out, etc. In order to satisfy the requirements of these experiments, the irradiation conditions are needed, such as the illuminance, the number of lamps, the irradiation distance, the speed of the conveyor, and the preheating conditions.

5. Safety of ink   Since UV ink does not have volatile substances, don't have to worry about the harm to the human body, but it has a slight irritation to the skin. It should take protective gloves when operating, avoiding ink to contact the skin, if the skin is bonding ink, apply soap water cleaning clean. 6. Stability of ink storage   The UV ink produces a dark reaction even if the irradiation of the sun is not subject to the sun, which is caused by the heat and the filler generates molecular polymerization, so the UV ink is preferably stored in a low temperature dark chamber and is often stirred.   When selecting the printing UV ink for printing plastic bottles, it is necessary to use different plastic varieties and decoration requirements.

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