Two directions in health care bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

   Recently, Shanghai has introduced measures to increase the supervision of health products. In the past, the marketing tool for the health products can be said to be a five-flowers, and it is ignorant. These behaviors severely disrupt social order, and there are many people who have been deceived.

Increase the supervision of health care products, it is clear that it is already in power. Among them, health care bottles will also be subject to stricter management and propose higher requirements.   In the past, in the packaging of health care bottles, there was a consensus in the industry, which is a high end of the appearance, and the high-end feeling of health products.

Therefore, from the material to the appearance, the health products are guided by high end. That is, based on such concepts, health care bottles are very short of practicality, anti-counterfeiting functions, etc. With the strengthening of regulatory, the marketing of health care products is weakened, and the practicality and convenience of the health product bottle packaging will be apparent to the packaging.

In addition, the anti-counterfeiting performance of strengthening health care bottle packaging is also a must, and counterfeit health products are extremely harmful to the market.

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