Reform of plastic bottles


Author: mgg-Plastic bottle manufacturer

Most of the general cosmetics are presented as a liquid, or a cream body, does not have a distinct look. It must expire their own characteristics through exquisite and unique packaging design, so cosmetics are generally relying on packaging to achieve well-selling. Plastics and glass are currently mainly used cosmetic packaging container materials, and among the plastics are mostly used.

Although there are many varieties of cosmetics, there are different functions, but in terms of their external morphology and packaging, there are several cosmetics, solid cosmetics, granules / powdered cosmetics, liquid cosmetics, cream cosmetics, etc., according to different The form, the form of packaging is also distinguished. As far as the current situation, due to the low price of plastic, it is easy to form a variety of large, transparent, opaque colors, and the printing performance is very good, it can be used Screen printing, printing, thermal transfer, electroplating, bronzing, etc. Therefore, cosmetics are generally packaged with a glass bottle, however, due to a single variety of glass containers, even better design concepts, due to technical and materials, often cannot be realized.

Plastic materials have advantages in this regard, not only rich in source, but also the molding performance is very good, and various types of various functions can be made, and various different appearance decoration design can be made. In recent years, PET resin materials have been developed quickly for cosmetic containers, which has promoted a large packaging reform with clinker bottles! .

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