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A close observation friend is not difficult to find some icons at the bottom of the plastic bottle, including a number in the triangle, what does it mean? Many friends have a habit, use or drink the plastic bottle will use another. Two fell in one fell swoop. So can you use it? Digital is included in the scope triangle. Here are what else mean.

Many plastic product bottom standards have triangles consisting of three arrows, internal standard 1-7 different numbers. According to experts, the plastic bottle triangles and numbers are important, and the triangles consisting of three arrows represent "recyclable regeneration utilization", and the numbers represent different materials of the production of beverage bottles. Different materials have a significant difference in repeated use, and improper use is possible to harm well.

1 represents PET (polyethylene terephthalate). At present, general mineral water, carbonated drinks and functional beverage bottles are used in this material. Heat-resistant to 70 ° C is easy to deform, and the carcinogene may be released for 10 months.

Therefore, the high temperature weather is best not to put the mineral water in the open air or car, and don't directly put the boiled water into the mineral water bottle. 2 represents HDPE (high density polyethylene). Multi-use to make containers that make up cleaning products and bath products.

It is relatively high temperature, but it is not easy to clean, it is easy to breed bacteria, it is recommended not to recycle. 3 represents PVC (polyvinyl chloride). The toxic and hazardous substances of such materials are mainly from two aspects, one is that there is no completely polymerized mono chloride, and the other is harmful in the plasticizer.

These two substances are easily released when they encounter high temperatures and oil, and the poisons will be prone to cancer after entering the human body. 4 represents LDPE (low density polyethylene). At present, the plastic film, plastic film, etc., the plastic film, etc., the heat resistance is not strong, the qualified PE plastic wrap will thermal melt in the temperature exceeds 110 ° C, and the food is wrapped with a plastic film to heat it, the oil in the food is very It is easy to dissolve the harmful substances in the plastic film, so before the food is heated into the microwave, the wrapped film wrapped in the package should be removed.

5 represents PP (polypropylene). The microwave meat box is made of this material, which is 130 ° C high temperature and transparency. This is the only plastic box that can put it into the microwave, it can be reused after being cleaned.

Some food boxes are manufactured in PP 5, but the lid is manufactured at 6 ps (polystyrene), the transparency of PS is good, but does not high temperature, so it cannot be placed in a microwave with the casing. 6 Represents PS (Polystyrene). This is used to make a bowl of bubble frame, the material of the foaming fast food box, heat resistant to cold, but cannot be placed in the microwave to avoid chemical substances due to excessive temperature.

Can't be used to reduce acid (such as 橙 汁), strong alkaline substance, because it will decompose the carcinogenes such as polystyrene such as human body. Therefore, try to avoid packing hot food with fast food boxes. 7 represents other classes of PC.

It is a material for a large number of materials that are mostly used to make bottles, space cups, etc. It is controversial due to bisphenol A in its material, try not to use boiling water. Bisphenol A may be with breast, prostate and reproduction.

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