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Summer is the season of eating Yangmei, and Yangmei's food is diverse. Among them, Yang Mei bubbles have a sweet taste and rich nutrients are very popular, and many people will bubilize Yangmei. However, what is the container for Bli wine? Can the plastic bottle can make Yangmei wine? Can Yangmei can use plastic bottle? It is not recommended to use a plastic bottle to make Yangmei wine. Even if it is really used, it is best not to more than one week.

Because the plastic bottle is made of polyethylene plastic. Although polyethylene monomers are insoluble in water, they are dissolved in alcohol. Used to install the wine, the time will grow a harmful substance to dissolve the wine, and it is very harmful to health.

For example, the bayberry wine is stored in the polyethylene plastic bottle for one year, and the polyethylene will dissolve in alcohol. When people drink this kind of wine, there will be dizziness, headache, nausea, loss of loss, memory decline, and severe people can also lead to anemia. What container for bubble Yangmei is good, Yangmei is a longer bubble, so oxidation of alcohol and bayberry and air, but not only affect the taste of the wine, but also easily deteriorate.

Bubble or preferably with a glassware, a plastic is toxic, and a oxidation reaction will occur for a long time. It is generally recommended to select a sealed glassware, which is convenient for Yangmei's taking place. Moreover, the material of the glass does not affect the taste of the wine, and you can also see the day of a day Ming-color wine through the glass.

However, the container should be poured into some highly white wine before use to try to disinfection. What container stores Yangmei wine is good, it is preferred to use good sealing, dry, non-toxic glass container. Or use the porcelain container, but it is not recommended to use plastic vessels.

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