Waste plastic bottle turned fashion women's shoes


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Waste plastic bottles turned into fashion women's shoes, we are thirsty, usually what to do? The easiest way is to buy a bottle of bottled water. So, do you know how many bottles on our planet? More than 100 million bottles! In 2016, only the United States threw away 50 billion plastic water bottles, these bottles did not go to the mountains. The garbage dump is blending other garbage being buried underground. How long does these artificial plastic bottles need to disappear from Earth? Averaged in average 450 years, long or even 1000 years.

Plastics have brought serious harm to the ecology of the Earth, especially to the ocean, which has become the number one killer of the ocean ecology. Everyone is clear, the best way to solve the plastic grunge is of course stop consuming plastic, but our current economy and life are still inseparable from it, so we can only solve the problem of waste reuse. Now, there are already many things you have made with plastic bottles, such as T-shirts, sleeping bags, and jacket insulation layers.

Recently, the startup of the San Francisco in San Francisco made the recycled plastic bottle gorgeous, became a good-looking and comfortable fashion women's shoes, and got the favor of Hollywood movie star! How did this beautiful women's shoes do? What? First, they cleaned the recycled plastic bottle, pushing small fragments, then uses the machine to compress into a soft thin line, and then use these thin lines into a variety of ripples and colors, and finally use handmade The rubber sole and foam insole are complicated together. Because the braided upper is the 3D three-dimensional knit technology controlled by the computer software, it will not waste any line, and the rubber and plastic bubbles used are zero pollution, recycled materials, and truly environmental protection and things It uses this kind of upper because it is a disposable weaving, there is no seam in the middle, so it will not be worn. Moreover, the shoes are very light, very breathable, dirty, throwing into the washing machine, can also dry with dryer, not going, not discolored.

No wonder the American fashion magazine Vogue evaluation This kind of shoe is "the most friendly, and the most beautiful shoes"! What should I do? I don't have any problems! Rothy 's provides free recycling services, use them to make beautiful shoes .

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