Pet supplies use PET plastic bottle packaging benefits?


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With the progress and development of the times, there are more and more people who are currently raising their pets, so the market of pet supplies is slowly developed. Pets eat drinking tools, supplies are getting more and more fire. PET plastic bottle packaged pet food benefits; 1. Hygiene, clean, beautiful; just started with pet food, there are many bags, in order to be more sanitary, many manufacturers are packaged in plastic bottles.

2. Easy, easy to carry; use plastic bags to replace the benefits of bag packaging, and long door can be carried at will, and it is also convenient to save after opening. 3. Environmental protection, price concessions; PET material is non-toxic, tasteless, health safety, can be used directly in food packaging; recycling. cheap price.

4. The transparency is good, the product form, the appearance, and the quality state have a clear second, so that consumers can rest assured, eat peace of mind. 5. Lightweight, leak-proof, anti-fall; PET plastic bottles are not broken, fell to the glass bottle; especially during the logistics process, falling, lightweight, no weight. The use of PET plastic bottles is relatively wide, practical, can design the bottle pattern, capacity and good sealing performance according to customer's personalized tank, in addition to the bottle can design, the supporting cover can also choose to match the well-looking hand, Cover, bright surface, aluminum cover, etc., can even do logo or label on the cover; suitable for all kinds of leisure food, dried fruit snacks, candy, annual goods, grain mixed grains, fish food cat dog food, mushroom red dates, electronic products, Toys, stationery, data cables, pet supplies, etc.

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